Imagine those bygone days.....

Artist Faye Whittaker just closes her eyes for a moment, and sees life as it was in the Edwardian times.

Silence... blissful, joyful times without the iphones, selfies, and all the gismos that todays children love. Step back in time and enjoy the innocence of Faye's beautiful, nostalgic collection of your leisure.

Click here to some of the reproductions, or for that discerning collector, originals are available below.



'Faye Whittaker'


Circular, Embroidered




                                                                     100%cotton, 3 colours available






See Faye's whole range of small 10x8 prints, which look fabulous as a set in 2's, or 4's.

Examples below.


Click here.






'Her Majesty's 90th'


Faye Whittaker has painted this beautiful picture of Our Queen Elizabeth with her grandchildren, George and Charlotte on her special birthday.


Just 90 have been printed, signed and numbered

for discerning collectors of Faye's work.

If you are a royalist, this will be the most treasured gift.


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Edition numbers 1-5 have been reserved to raise money for Faye Whittaker's favourite charities,

NSPCC and BDA, British Deaf Association.




'Tiptoe through the tulips'

Faye's latest design in cross stitch. To be launched next weekend, but orders are being taken NOW ..!